Great uses of dragon fruit

1. To clear heat
Also known as dragon fruit trees dragon eyes, hollow trees ... are vines crawling up to 10m long, clinging to the substrate through the secondary roots. Green body, there are 3 ways camouflage edges up, usually at the edges turned horns, spines not very much, very short. The scientific name of the fruit tree is Hylocereus undatus (Haw) Britt & Rose, belongs to cactus (Cataceae), is native to Central and South American countries, is entered in the Southeast Asian countries to do the scene, as real and medicinal products. Dragon fruit often results in the summer season or out, but now they can be grown dragon fruit year round.
Dragon tree trunk cactus thorns, white flower color is very beautiful and quite similar to the outer flowers should quỳnh grown for fruit, dragon fruit is also used to make the choice in the garden scene. Guts white dragon, black seeds sesame seeds, now has the same red flesh dragon fruit with twice as expensive to white-fleshed dragon is considered to be delicious and nutritious than the eye. Dragon thick crust, accounting for 26% of the weight left, makes long shelf, not perishable.
According to Oriental medicine, dragon fruit is sweet, light, cool, heat effect, refreshing, diuretic, laxative, firing just talk, often used to treat diseases such as bronchitis, tuberculosis , inflammation of lymph nodes, mumps, pimples ... This fruit is very good for people with chrome miscarriage, pimples, constipation.
2. Anti-Oxidant
Dragon fruit is a rich source of antioxidants, which functions to prevent the onslaught of harmful free radicals, which is a carcinogen, and other health problems.
3. Improve eyesight
Like carrots, dragon fruit contains more carotene, works to maintain and improve vision. Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin A in the form carotene- substances necessary for the retina, the brightness of the eyes and vision. Many eye problems, especially macular degeneration related to age, can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin A. Dragon works to maintain and improve vision.
4. Reduce cough and asthma
Cough and asthma are some respiratory disorder usually affects both children and adults. To reduce the unpleasant symptoms of this, you only need diligent eating dragon.
5. Stabilize blood pressure
Eating fruit can help stabilize blood pressure, brings many benefits to those who are at risk for heart attack or stroke.
6. Beauty
Dragon fruit is one of the fruits nutritional components best suited for keeping body shape and beauty of women. Each 100g dragon 40kcalo only provide for the water dragon components accounted for 87.6%. This high water content helps moisturize the skin, making the skin smoother and reduce dry skin cracks, horn and aging, keeping skin youthful beauty freshness.
This fruit keeps your skin healthy stretch. Combined dragon masks and honey is a natural mask to replace the anti-aging masks other expensive. Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin B3, helps heat and moisture sunburned skin.
You can wash the skin after 15-20 minutes to have beautiful skin as desired.
7. Protect your hair from the damage
Dragon fruit juice is an excellent conditioner for colored hair or hair chemically treated. By applying dragon fruit juice or a product extracted from dragon fruit on your scalp, you can protect your hair dyed or chemically treated by you. Dragon fruit juice keeps the hair follicles open, make your hair healthy and silky soft.
8. Good for the Heart
Cardiovascular problems are on the increase in modern life. Fortunately, the dragon has a great effect in reducing bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels tron body. Dragon fruit is a great source of monounsaturated fat, which helps to break your heart in a good state.
9. Good for patients with diabetes
High fiber intake in patients dragon good for diabetes. Dragon fruit fiber can help stabilize blood sugar by inhibiting glucose levels rise. But diabetics should consult your doctor before adding dragon in the diet.
10. Anti-anemic
The iron content in the fruit is high. Iron is an essential raw material for the production of hemoglobin in the human body. We can supplement adequate iron to prevent anemia by eating dragon.
11. Improve the digestive system
Eat dragon fruit can also help cleanse the digestive system. Dragon fruit has a very high fiber content, can improve poor digestion and reduces constipation. Meat and nuts contain protein dragon help the body healthy and playful.
12. Treatment of Acne
Dragon fruit is a natural medicine to treat acne is not only for teenagers but also suitable for adults. It contains vitamin C and is also a great natural ointment.
Just cut a few slices of dragon and apply on the acne areas, then rinse. Apply twice daily to the skin no longer acne.
13. Reduce Arthritis
One of the best health interests of the dragon is to help reduce joint inflammation. Pitaya fruit known as anti-inflammatory. People with arthritis are encouraged to add dragon in a healthy diet of them.
14. How effective weight loss with dragon fruit
Dragon trunk and prickly peel, rinse with diluted salt water, swimming or water pound the pulp used to cover burns, scalds boiling, parotid gland inflammation, boils nails, broken bones. Flowers are white when blooming flower quỳnh, used in treating bronchitis, inflamed lymph node TB, alcohol detoxification. Dragon flowers are effective weight loss foods. Dosage 15 - 30g fresh, excellent drink or 10 - 12g dried excellent drink, braking tea to drink.
Dragon fruit is effective weight loss foods should be able to cook dragon flowers with pork to make a nutritious soup, cure lung condition weakness or coughing. Dragon fruit is a good source of vitamin C needed for the body to help treat a number of diseases caused by lack of vitamin C.
After each meal habitual one can eat desserts to complement as well as take advantage of the fruits Fruit Vitamin bring. Dragon fruit is effective weight loss foods, can be used as dessert giving everyone feels gentle and cool after a meal with too much fat. Refreshing sweetness makes eaters always been comfortable, the taste buds as sugar stimulates provide ventilation for the digestive process.
The formula weight of the dragon include: making smoothies, made cocktail, fruit jelly ... do besides use fresh as other fruits. In hot summer weather, thirsty, eat a cool dragon fruit not only makes people feel cool food, refreshing beverage as is, but we also are to beautify their skin in a single simple, fun, economical and most fundamental than those using expensive cosmetics. On my site to learn more weight loss foods help you lose weight effectively.


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