Methods of preserving tomatoes

Methods of preserving tomatoes

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phuong phap bao quan sot ca chua
1. Materials:
Tomatoes are fruits vegetables group, widely used both as vegetables are the most nutritious beverage.
There are many varieties of tomato. They vary in shape, size, color, quality and more effective. Each variety has its own characteristic technologies, facilitate the use of diverse needs.
Season tomato pickers about 11 months to 2 years later.
Tomato quality is assessed through the following basic criteria:
- Maturity: red is characteristic of parts for ripening tomatoes. Tomato varieties are evaluated as well as nine red from the inside out, from the meat to the shell, then only ensure the maximum accumulated sugar, vitamins and other substances.
- The Dry: Dry the high or low depending on the variety, the period of development, engineering fertilize tomatoes. The higher dryness proved good quality.

2 Methods of preservation:
When tomatoes preserved in unfavorable conditions will lead to loss due to rot by the activity of microorganisms, especially fungi.
Usually tomatoes stored at immature stage, when the whole fruits are still green, only with pink dots at the bottom of fruit. Can also preserved tomatoes when fully ripe.
After picking tomatoes are selected by size, ripeness, remove crushed fruit, decay. Where too dirty, it should be washed with clean water and then drain.
Tomatoes are classified in wood or plastic trays. If the tomatoes for export or transport to distant places each tray only about 5 to 10 kg with a height of 1-2 layers of fruit. Anatomy of the tray to ensure that when stacked on the tray in the tray does not override the results below. If a green tomato in each basket can hold up to 10-20 kg of fruit. Trays or baskets are classified as high as 2 meters each lot. Maybe even shed a pile of green tomatoes in storages.
Regime preserved green tomatoes: Temperature: 9-10oC, humidity: 80-85%, the storage time can be up to 0866 to 7004.5 months. Do not store tomatoes at a temperature below 5 ° C as this will lead to physiological disorders are not ripe or not ripe featured, easy soft fruit, disease resistance loss.
For red ripe tomatoes from half or more, the results should be stored at about 90% moisture, temperature 1-2oC.
Coating method
Tomatoes are a fruit is grown and used quite common in our country. We have a short lifespan due to water structures and no hard shell protection.
So the measures used preservative coating of tomato can be longer.
BOQ using semi-permeable membrane -15:
BOQ is -15 mixture of organic solvents and anti-fungal drugs are combined together form a liquid solution. After harvesting, simply wash, dry and clean cloth dipped or soaked in a cleaning solution on the surface of the thin layer to dry for 3-5 minutes, then put in storage carton provides a dry, cool . Thin film of organic Parafine acts both sides polishing result, increase the attractiveness of stocks work, just work to prevent water evaporation reduces the volume loss during storage. Antifungal parafine blended with effective infection prevention and harmful pathogens but completely non-toxic to humans when used.
Using Chitosan Membrane:
Chitosan is extracted from shrimp shells into a form of liquid solvent effect thin film formed on the surface of fruit covered in order to prevent water loss and penetration of pathogens.
Chitosan slightly alkaline. White or pale yellow in color, not taste, insoluble in water, lye and acids, but dissolves in acid concentrate diluted (pH6), created in colloid, has good film-forming ability.
 Chitosan has good mechanical properties, non-toxic, easy to produce the film, may themselves biodegradable, taking high biological harmony with the body.
Tomatoes preserved by Hypochlorite and sawdust
Hypochlorite is antiseptic, capable soluble in water, is used to disinfect drinking water in water plants across the country.
Preservation of agricultural products with sawdust each method traditional storage.
Applications tomatoes preserved by sawdust Hypochlorite is combined with new methods in Lam Dong.
Preservation of natural conditions
Choose fruits average fruit weight, fruit when ripe solid. Choose ripe fruit in the green period, harvesting the fruit of fruit arranged in a cool place (not piled) to lower the temperature in the fruit, reduce respiration.
Use a soft cloth, soft paper wipe clean fruit, sepals removed, leaving no cracks or torn.
Then put on the staging or packed fruit tray fruit on wood, plastic trays, plastic trays can be stacked, but not too much higher. Decentralization should result in storage, regularly check the shelf life to minimize the loss of volume and quality.
Storage conditions tomato
Green tomatoes are sensitive to cold temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius in the green tomatoes to be decreased rapidly from about 23 degrees C to 21 degrees C for 8- 10 minutes or 13-15 minutes to a temperature of 15 degrees C using cold water 1 -5 degrees C.
Ripe tomatoes were less sensitive to cold, so can be stored at 10 to 13 degrees C temperature for 4 days
Pale pink tomatoes can be stored at temperatures of 5 ° C for 4 days, then increase the temperature of 13-15 degrees Celsius from 1 -4 days to complete the ripening period.
Red ripe fruit may be stored at 2-5 ° C temperatures on some days, 85-90% moisture.
Storage conditions tomato
5% CO2 and 2.5% O2 at a temperature 12oc, the basic rate of 10% CO2 and O2 is 2.5%. Fungal disease will not develop.
To increase efficiency, the disease control rate adjustment CO: 2.5%, and O: 2.5% as well.
Accelerate ripening: Green tomatoes exposed to ethylene (CH4) from 12-18 hours at a temperature of 20 degrees C.
Slow down the ripening process by adjusting the gas in stock: Basic O2 low.

3. Vinegar nine:
Green tomato vinegar cooked by raising the temperature to 20-25 ° C, 80-90% humidity. After 1 week, coffee will ripen. Not raising the temperature to 30 ° C higher than due to reduced ability to synthesize pigments Licopin, makes no specific ripe tomato.
Maybe fast cooked tomato vinegar by 0.1-0.5% ethylene dosage, volume warehouses, combined to raise 20-22oC temperature, humidity 80-85%.
When tomato vinegar should only ratings to the density of 80-90 kg / m3. In this way the tomato will be ripe after 4-5 days.


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