Miraculous effects of carrots

Wonderful effect carrot
For those who have high blood pressure, nephritis, diabetes, chronic constipation, and dry rough skin women ..
250 g shaved peel carrots, cut into pieces; 250 g de-stemmed strawberries, two things get used presses juice, mixed with 5 ml lemon juice and brown sugar 2-3 pieces, divided drink several times a day.
Cancer prevention
Carrots 500 g, 500 g of fresh pears, cooled boiled water to 1,000 ml, 20 ml honey. Le wash and drain the water, soaked with 3% salt water for 15 minutes, then cut into slices, use a water pressure; carrots washed, shaved sliced peel, use a water pressure.
Republic two things together juice, add honey processing, stir and divide drink several times a day. This is also a drinks are rich in nutrients, body building event work force, health improvement, beautiful skin and hair, active prevention of cancer pathology, particularly suitable for those in middle age and seniors.
Help prevent high blood pressure.
Carrots 150 g, 50 g of honey, boiled water to cool enough. Carrots washed, shaved peel, cut into small pieces, then use the water pressure machine (if no real pounding presses the pieces and then use the cloth again, squeezed juice), for the processing of honey and add just enough water, stir and drink. Translations can be obtained with very attractive color ripe blueberries, natural taste. Nutritious water use, improve the immune capacity of the body, help prevent high blood pressure.
Children up fighting measles
Carrot, root master code (also known as tubers contrition, numbness powder), 150-200g each, coriander 100g, excellent drinking water instead of tea a day. This tea things work well in supporting the treatment of measles, usually applied to the period end, there is heat effect, detoxification, new student support center.
Cure pertussis
200g carrot, jujubes (red apple, apple university) 12 results, water 1500ml, 500ml size also, add a little brown sugar regulation in for easy drinking, 3 times / day, for 10 consecutive days. Or use 500g carrot, extraction of the juice, add a little brown sugar and then steamed to heat up, drink 2-3 times a day. This remedy works Pi conditions, new student, detoxification, ... Commonly used as first support measures for the treatment of pertussis in young children.
Cure dry cough
Carrots washed, eaten alive, slowly swallowing, eating several times a day.
By the body: 150 g carrot, tao150 g, lemon juice 15 ml, 10 ml honey. Carrots and apples washed, cut into slices, then use the water pressure machine (with apple should immediately pressed for so long will be discolored, if necessary soaked in saline solution 2-3%), honey and lemon juice stir thoroughly and drink on a daily basis. This type of nutrient-rich beverages, have the effect of raising the resistance and help restore good health.
Do you know carrots may help fight harmful bacteria in the body? We have found that a plant virus, and anti-parasitic plants very effectively.
Consuming carrots with other vegetables can help the body fight disease naturally. Perform diet with carrots and vegetables regularly will help you have a healthy body.
Good for skin, hair and oral health
Carrot juice more effective than any anti wrinkle creams on the market and less expensive. The vitamin A is found in carrot juice protects skin from the harmful effects of the sun and the antioxidants slow the aging of cells.
Carrot juice is also a great way to treat skin problems and bad about your hair. It is rich in calcium so it is good for teeth, bones and nails. Carrot juice is also good for the gums and reduce bacteria. 9 carrot drink will give you the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk.
Helps detoxify the liver
Carrots contain about 87% water and has strong ability to detoxify. They help reduce the risk of kidney stone formation and excretion of toxins from the body.
Eating or drinking a lot of carrot may cause carotenemia. Carotenemia make the skin turn yellow. Once the body has removed these toxins, a fresh healthy skin will appear again.
Increase cardiovascular benefits
Carrots are not only high levels of beta-carotene, but also contains alpha-carotene is not less. The carotenes found in carrot juice, as well as lutein may reduce the effects of heart disease changes and stroke.
Good for eyes
Carrots contain beta-carotene; a great dye can be converted into vitamin A when digested. Therefore, carrot juice is a nutritious drink is good for the eyes.
Although it is found in many other crops, but carrots have the highest concentrations. Yet, the dark-colored tubers contain more beta-carotene.
Enhance energy
As we get older our energy levels begin to decline. Instead of drinking high sugar drinks, you can choose the carrot juice instead. It will help your body energy increases rapidly.
3 carrots drink can give you enough energy to walk three miles without sweating, so imagine what 10 tubers can do for you!


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