Paper Lemon (Lemon Limca) is a plant with many effects. Tree Gia Nguyen will send to you the secret Lemon Tree planting and care effectively Paper.
Lemon paper, paper lemon trees, trees Gia Nguyen, care paper lemon tree, lemon tree planting paper
Lemon tree paper.
Lemon is a very familiar tree with Vietnam. Lemon has many effects in everyday life. Lemon is not only for refreshment but also a very good spices for health per person.
Besides, the paper deals is a pretty special crops compared to conventional lemon. Maybe so, but many people prefer the imported trees planted. Seedless lemons paper. Also stems without thorns. In particular, the fast growing trees. Fruit stretch round, succulent, thin crust and very characteristic sour.
After understanding this plant, you know techniques Lemon tree planting and care of the paper? The following article is the answer for you.
Selecting varieties:
Lemon paper, paper lemon trees, trees Gia Nguyen, care paper lemon tree, lemon tree planting paper
Choosing paper lemon varieties.
Should choose paper lemon tree branches or cuttings extraction, free of pests and disease completely. Thus, plant growth and development faster. Shorten the time to harvest insects as well as mitigation.
Planting density:
The density of trees suitable for development and growth is best: Tree to tree 3m, 4m rows. Dimensions 0.6 x 0.6 square hole x 0.6m.
Also, depending on the different areas that people should choose the distance flexibility needed to ensure the plants extract nutrients, grow and thrive.
Choose and prepare the land for planting:
Featuring adaptable, lemon paper suitable for many different types of soil. However, for trees to grow and thrive, so choose ground beef are more porous and humus. With low and low-lying areas, should pay more land for irrigation just to facilitate and ensure healthy plants.
Lemon paper, paper lemon trees, trees Gia Nguyen, care paper lemon tree, lemon tree planting paper
Paper lemon tree care.
To facilitate the planting, each planting hole should mix 1kg lime + decomposed organic fertilizer 10-15 kg + 10-15 kg decomposed + 1kg rice husk ash Super phosphate. Thus, the plant will be sufficient nutrients and facilitate development in prime time.
Lemon tree planting paper:
When planting, dig a small hole between your tissue, elected bag bottom pulley, put the seedlings into the cavity. Then, down the road from the pulley on the bottom of the pots and remove the holster elected. Finally, hold elected landfill plants, trees prohibit keeping fixed deposit.
When paper lemon tree care to note:
Limited light: For the first time we can intercrop legumes into the garden to limit thunderstorm winds, lodging and blocks the light.
Moisturize: Put mulch for trees in the dry season, limiting the drainage of the plants. In the garden of lemon, you should leave tall grass 20 - 40 cm to minimize heat in the dry season and prevent erosion and enhance water drainage in the soil during the rainy season.
Watering: For fast-growing trees and regularly, for good fruit quality, you need to provide water for the tree thing. Want bloomers, stop watering the root dry 20-30 days, then watered the plants will bloom. This is one of the useful tips to help farmers planting and tending the best plants.
Lemon paper, paper lemon trees, trees Gia Nguyen, care paper lemon tree, lemon tree planting paper
Planting and care techniques lemon tree paper.
Canopy Pruning: Remove infected branches, helping clear trees to welcome the sun. At the same time, increase photosynthesis and plant growth enough to bring balance left.
Land compensation for trees: You should monitor the growth and development of paper lemon. To the stage dressing for trees, so adding new land to the tree, each layer thickness of 2 - 3 cm in combination with decomposed manure or chemical fertilizers.
Technique Lemon tree planting and care of the paper is not hard is not it. Hopefully the above information is beneficial to you.


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