Unexpected uses of guava

Unexpected uses of guava when you eat properly
Guava fruit is not only delicious, but it also has many healing effects and effective beauty that many people do not know about.
One example is guava contains a "repository nutrients," that nature has generously endowed. In Guava has a very high nutritional value, low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium but high in fiber, vitamin C, A, zinc, potassium and manganese ... Eat guava regularly and properly strengthen the system works immune, beauty, weight loss and some other healing effects.
Here's the note you need to take advantage of abundant nutrients in guava when eaten:
Improve immune system
The amount of vitamin C in guava 4 times higher than the amount of vitamin C found in oranges. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system, helps the body healthy, avoid germs such as reduced cough infections, treat colds, flu, and work "clean up" the respiratory system, prevent viral infections.
Skin beauty, anti-aging
According to nutritionists, eating guavas, should eat all the skin, after washing thoroughly, because the amount of vitamin C in guava concentrated in the shell.
Vitamin C also helps activate the guava production of collagen, the active ingredient necessary to strengthen the durability of joints, cartilage, are useful for the structure of the skin and helps maintain collagen in the skin, keeps skin glitches nail.
Vitamin C in guava also work to heal the skin, due to the antioxidant properties, enhanced resistance, protect skin and body against pathogenic factors from the outside.
Improve endocrine functions
The amount of copper found in guava makes production and absorption of hormones for the body. Also help improve endocrine function, especially where thyroid metabolism and energy foods.
Reducing high blood pressure index
Many medical research shows that if our bodies consume these foods have no fiber is prone to "stick" hypertension, consumption of food will quickly turn into sugar. Because of guava fiber, glycemic index (glycemic index) combines low in the daily diet will contribute to improved blood pressure index, lowering bad cholesterol and reduce cardiovascular risk.
However, when consumption of guava small note to remember include not eating the seeds as they indigestion, to change position, instead of eating you drink juice has the same effect as well.
Weight loss
Guava contains less fat should be very suitable for weight loss. Especially in the red flesh guava (guava peach) also contains more lycopene in tomatoes, is not only effective against the diseases related to obesity, but also other diseases such as diabetes Tier 1, reduce risk heart-related diseaes.
Treating diabetes
A Korean study recorded the effect of the guava tree letters diabetes. Research shows that active inhibitor of protein tyrosine 1B hosphatase guava leaf extracts have therapeutic effects of diabetes type 2. In fresh guava fruit contains high amounts of soluble fiber and insoluble, could help people with diabetes hypoglycemic safety.
However, if you eat the guava shells will not be good for your blood sugar levels. The best way to treat eating guava diabetes is peel.
Some notes while eating guava
No food or unripe guava young because of guava acrid sisters would be harmful to the stomach disease or constipation.
Do not eat the seeds of guava, or if they need chewed food, because if swallowed whole grains will lead to indigestion and stomach pain.
People with depression should use as guava puree or pressed into juice would be better absorbed.
Guava bark of vitamin C is very good for skin beauty, but for people with diabetes should eat the peel.


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